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El último trabajo del señor Luna

Autor: Mallorquí del Corral, César

  • 4.33
  • número de votos: 3

The White Ravens Award Protagonista Jove Award The paths of three quite different people cross for just a brief time in Madrid. Flor Huanaco, on the run from a cocain boss, finds a job as household helper with the family of Pablo, a boy who is highly gifted but emotionally immature. Then she is tracked down by the contract killer Luna. How Flor and Pablo save their own lives - with Luna?s unexpected help - is told from different perspec-tives in this well-structured thriller. At another level it also describes how Pablo overcomes his personal difficulties. Edebe young-adult award 1997 White Ravens honour list. Winner of PROTAGONISTA JOVEN a price given by readers. Rights sold to Germany.